You know You Live in Spain When:

-Every toddler around you has better style than you.

-Your own two feet (or Renfe) will take you anywhere you need to go.

-You add 'super' to any Spanish adjective to make it sound extra special.

-There is a can or jar of recycled olive oil next to your stove.

-You hear "GOALLLLLLLLL!" being shouted from somewhere within your apartment building.
(No joke, literally just happened while I was writing this blog.)

-You basically hock a loogie everytime you say 'jamon, jugar" or any word beginning with jota.

-You eat a bocadillo while keeping the foil wrapped around the bottom.

-You know a man in his 30's whose mother still does his laundry.

-You scan Mercadona at 9:10pm on a Saturday night just in case you are missing something you will need for Sunday's comida.

-You pay for other people on your birthday.

-Your new name to every stranger on the street becomes either your hair color or your nationality.

-The old couple walking hand-in-hand next to you makes you think of Allie and Noah from The Notebook and smile.

-You know the best place to store clean pots and pans is inside of the oven.

-When you, for the first time in your life, fall in love with a country and a culture. And never let it go!

And coming soon: You Know You Live in Valladolid When...
Your new life's staple.

01/26/2012 4:27am

The only ones I don't do are the oil and the pans in the oven. Everything else is spot on! :) the one I hate the most is that everyone looks more put together than me. May have to do with being from Florida and not knowing how to dress for cold weather! Jaja

01/26/2012 4:39am

I agree, Laura. I think there is a definite cold weather fashion, and those toddlers rock it! I literally see at least one little girl everyday with a tiny bow in her hair and cute little tights and think to myself "I wonder where she got that outfit." Then I remind myself she is probably 5.

01/26/2012 7:10am

Me hacen mucha gracia tus comentarios de España y me rio yo sola con ellos.
No te canses de escribir.

01/29/2012 4:09am

Muchas gracias, Blanca.

Espero que disfrutas los cosas que escribo sobre tu país (mi país favorito!).

There is much more to come!


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