"If you don't know where you're going, then any road will take you there." -George Harrison

Just when things seem like they turned sour for me yesterday, the Florida sunshine awoke me with a new attitude. Opening my inbox, I found some pleasant surprises:

1. It is official. I have an apartment! The search is over and my fear about getting to Spain and becoming homeless, or fronting el dinero for a hostel is long gone. And...it's AWESOME!
It is in a great location (without giving away my exact address *ahem* stalkers...Campo Grande is my next door neighbor) and the pictures of the place make me smile...painted walls! Ikea furniture! And SO not abuela-ish as I thought a future apartment may be.
Won't you be my neighbor?
2. I have ALREADY been asked for private classes starting in September. I put up an ad a few days ago (Note: I am a planner. Due to, Things my mom says: "Early bird gets the worm!") and received an email this evening about a little boy who needs a private English tutor in a village close to Valladolid for the next school year. That means I won't be broke when I get to Spain either. 


08/10/2011 9:50pm

What website did you post your tutoring ad?

08/10/2011 10:58pm


In a few days, I've already gotten NINETEEN emails about people who are interested. I can't believe the great luck I've had.

08/14/2011 10:01pm

Just don't go in Campo Grande at night - creeeeeepers abound!!

09/11/2012 9:46pm

Good reading


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