I had such an amazing time in Valladolid last year. Now I am living just an hour and a half away in the city of Salamanca. 

Salamanca is known for its university students and the way they like to fiesta. But I personally know Salamanca for another reason, the Plaza Mayor. 

Translated to main square in English, every major city in Spain has a plaza mayor and they are all different. It has no real purpose other than being the center of the city (where City Hall is located) and a beautiful place to sit and have a café con leche.  Salamanca's plaza mayor dates back to the 1700s. 

I've visited here many times before and taken countless photos in this Plaza Mayor, and now I will call it my own. It's funny how your path can lead you right where you are supposed to be sometimes...
The first day I ever set foot in Salamanca. May 2010
January 2011
November 2011
September 2012
This year I have new students, new colleagues, new roommates, and lots of new experiences awaiting me in Salamanca. 

I also have a new Plaza Mayor to call my own! 
10/16/2012 04:06:34 pm

Yay! Salamanca is one of my favorite places in Spain, and the Plaza Mayor is my favorite place in Salamanca! Good luck this year.

10/17/2012 05:57:01 am

Thanks Kaley! When you are in the city tenemos que tomar algo! :D


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