10 years ago today, I was in school when we turned on the TVs to see the towers fall. 

Being abroad today has taught me that the whole world was affected by that September day. Two of my students here in Spain (doctors who are taking private English lessons) saw today's date and offered the information of how one of them was in the operating room and had to stop when he heard the news of the attacks. The other had closed her office to pick up her kids in fear of what was happening.

Here, March 11th is another day of remembrance, a day my simple American mind knew nothing about before coming to Spain. Attacks on the Madrid subway system killed closed to 200 people in 2004. Another tragedy, just 911 days after 9/11, that struck a nation.
Madrid Bombings Monument that tunnels light into an underground memorial
Now that 10 years have passed, today has become a day of unity.

In hope that even one good thing can come from all the bad, let us remember exactly how much love and unity is necessary in the world. Across the world from each other, or even living under the same roof, we should be united in love; united as nations, and united as people. 

Sarah Scordato
09/15/2011 3:42am

Beautifully said.


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