Recently, I have been channeling my inner española in la cocina

My most recent dish is the ever-so-Spanish Paella. Say it with me now: pie-ay-yuh.

The origin of the dish comes from Valencia, Spain (on the East coast) and it is said to be the most delicioso when eaten in that city.

Paella is a Catalan word (a language they speak in Valencia) and comes from the word pan, specific to the pan that you cook paella in. In Valencia, they call all pans paellas. A bit confusing, right? They also call the pan a paellera

The corazon and key ingredient of the dish is Saffron. A spice that is very expensive in Spain, but turns the paella the right color, and gives it a distinct taste.
You'll need:

-Oil. And if you happen to be in Spain while cooking it, no problem. I'm living in the olive oil capital of the world. Rico and cheap, too!

-Chicken Stock (or vegetable stock, or beef stock, or seafood stock)

-Chicken or seafood, or rabbit, or whatever you prefer in your paella. We used chicken and seafood.
Frozen seafood mixture. Drain and boil for 10 minutes before adding into the paella.
-A lemon. Half to be squeezed in while cooking, and half to garnish the dish.

-A mix of veggies. We used frozen peas and fresh tomatoes. 
-Rice. Small, white rice is the best to use. 

-Water. 2 cups for each cup of rice.
Tomatoes and chicken with the chicken stock cube cooking in oil on high heat.
Add in all ingredients and stir.
Cook and stir all the ingredients together for about 8 minutes on high heat.

Like all true Spanish things, the paella likes to siesta too! 

Cover the pan and turn to medium heat to let it sit for about 10 minutes.
Can you smell those flavors?
When you are finished, the paella should look something like this:
A delicious mixture of flavors and textures.
Add a side of pan and a glass of vino and you've cooked your way into a true Spanish meal.

As they say in Spain before every meal, ¡Que aproveche!
Mmmm. ¡Que rico!

11/05/2011 8:19am

MMMMM I love paella!

12/14/2011 2:01pm

I love your blog and you have very good photos.I want to go to Sevilla.


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