What does a visa look like? It's just a small sticker inside the passport.
It’s finally here! My visa arrived this morning. If only the mail man knew as I greeted him at the door and signed the paper for my package what an incredible present he was bringing me. As if he was Santa Claus and I was a little kid opening my stocking, I ripped it open expecting a beautiful crisp piece of paper...instead, searching, I found a small sticker inside my passport.

No matter the size and shape, it was still a visa. Since December I have been obtaining medical examinations to live abroad, fingerprints, and background checks, all translated into Spanish then signed and stamped by government officials. To say the process was easy would be a stretch.

 The process is over. Visa in hand, Spain is one step closer!

07/10/2011 4:42pm

I had no idea a visa would only be a tiny sticker! I was picturing a stack of papers with official stamps haha

07/10/2011 10:45pm

I know Rach! It's true. You would think it would be much much more.

07/11/2011 11:11pm

Hey! I'm so glad you're doing this blog! I read through your "favorites" and I think it's funny that you have a favorite Spanish word... mine's estrella. I love how it sounds and how it looks written! Can't wait to read about your adventure!

07/11/2011 11:27pm

Thanks Sarah! Estrella is such a great word too! Rolls off the tongue :)

Sometimes it reminds me of the cerveza 'Estrella' brand also- haha Just an added bonus!


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