I had some quality time by the pool and some fro-yo with a friend, Tara, today that helped me to rid some of my anxieties about the next year. 

She spent the last year as an English assistant, teaching in Castilla La Mancha.
Now, the school year is over and she is back home in the US. But she's only visiting.

She loves her family and friends so much here, but longs to be in Spain, where sometimes the grass just seems to be a little bit greener. Or the sangria seems to be a little bit stronger. 

So she's creating a life there for herself.
Maybe for a little while, maybe forever. Who knows!

I think for some, living abroad seems very unattainable. Moving there is loco. It's out of the question to live in a country where you don't speak the language. It's dreamlike to think that you'll be able to have fun and enjoy yourself when you don't know anyone. It's unreasonable to take a degree for something that you studied for four years and not even use it to it's fullest abilities. 

But that mentality isn't right. It's not wrong, it's just not right. Tara is living proof, and I will be too!

Putting all the scary stuff aside, things CAN work out, and they will, if that's what you want for yourself. I don't know what the Spanish word for cliche is, but, dreams really can come true!
Tara in her new home for the next year, Madrid!

10/25/2012 12:09pm

Thanks to your blog, I'm gonna create one now too, thank you.


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