"Home is where your mom is."

My mom has reminded me of many things over the last 23 years of my life. She's guided me and directed me down wonderful paths in my life.

And she's had a lot to say about each and every one of them. 
Especially about how her ONLY daughter has decided to pick up and move across the ocean. ....¿Quien?

We all have moms, and they all have their words of wisdom. Moving anywhere that isn't down the road is a huge change in a mother-daughter relationship. We've had our ups and downs about the topic, but I know more than anything what saying will be ringing in my head as I pack up these suitcases in the next few weeks:

A large magnet stuck to our fridge (and what will most likely be slipped into my suitcase before I go)..."Home Is Wherever Mom Is." She knows I will have many houses, casas, pisos, apartments, etc. throughout the next few years, but there is one that I can always call home. With her.

08/11/2011 4:31pm

<3 it!!!

Javier Arribas
09/17/2011 4:10am

I LOVE your blog.
Remember me?
Junta -Fundación

10/17/2012 2:50pm

Thats a beutifull thing You will remember it when in america you pick a drink from the fridge !!!!!!! :) :D I can remember it.


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