Conversations lately have become very repetitive. 

In the dentist's office today, I had basically the same conversation with three different people. Let's just take a glimpse at all the (sometimes stupid) questions I've been asked.
I'll take, "I Think You're Really Ignorant For Not Knowing Where Spain Is" for 400, Alex.
Do you speak Spanish?
Where is Spain? South America?

So, you're studying abroad?
Oh, you can teach English? Is that like, a job there?
Will you get paid?

Do you have a Spanish boyfriend?
Are you going alone? Why?
Do you have a place to live yet?

Is it hot all the time there?
Is the food really spicy?

How long will you be there?

Of course, all of this is followed by: I am so jealous! I wish I would have done that when I was younger! You are very lucky, just make sure you are safe!

In short, my answers usually go like this: No, I don't. Not even answering that. No, I'm a college graduate. Yes, duh. Yes, duh again. No, I don't, thanks for the reminder! Yes. Because! Yes again. No. No you tonto, that's Mexico! I have no clue. And, I know, I am very excited. Cue fake smile.

I know people are sometimes honestly interested, and sometimes just trying to make small talk, but overall...I'm sick of the questions! I hate to be cynical, but ask me something about why I want to go, how I got this opportunity, or if I'm nervous or scared. Challenge me people!

To quote Elvis, which I don't think I've ever done in my lifetime...'a little less talk a little more conversation' would be nice! End rant.

08/25/2011 2:30pm

Hahah! Totally had the same conversation with my dentist YESTERDAY!

Love the Elvis quote by the way <3


08/25/2011 7:32pm

Cat, I was thinking to myself after I posted this that the Elvis quote may not even be correct...but that's the way I sing it in my head, so whatever! haha

You must be getting all your appointments out of the way before you go too! I think the doctor, dentist, gyno (tmi) and every random appointment I've had have been a round-a-bout with the same conversation! :) Good to know I'm not alone!!

08/25/2011 10:11pm

This has been my exact conversation with my dentist for the past 3 years. I swear!

08/30/2011 9:36pm

Dear god I had this conversation at the bank yesterday, and I have it just about every time I have to talk to anyone about anything. That and "ARE YOU EXCITED????!!" Yeah, I mean I'm excited, what do you want me to do? Start jumping up and down with you?

Sarah Scordato
08/31/2011 1:12pm

LOL! I get the same questions, too, now that I'm home. "How was Spain?" WTF? How do you THINK it was? That's usually what I'm thinking, but what I say is, "oh, it was awesome!" *Also with a forced smile, just because I've said it so much, not because it's a lie.

09/07/2011 9:51am

Haha I love this post! I had my graduation party a few weeks ago and I went through that whole chain for every single relative.

One of my favorite questions is "what city will you be in?" I have yet to be able to say Algciras or Andalucia and have anybody look like they know what I'm talking about. Yes, it's true, Spain is in fact a neighboring country to Africa. Crazy.


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