Confusion in London.

Tralfagar Square
Stepping off the airplane, London was.... in a word: confusing.
Where Wills and Kate walked down the Aisle a mere month after I left
I walked strange routes. Look to the right? No wait, the left. No, the right.  
I ate strange (but delicious) things. French fries are Chips. Chips are Crisps. Bangers and Mash, Fruit Spleggings, and Nutty Gum to eat. (Sausages and potatoes, jelly or jam, and get this- peanut butter!)
I heard people using Cheeky, Jammy, or Prat to describe people. 
A ladybug is a ladybird. An elevator is a trolley. And the bathroom is the loo.
Bollocks, Buggers, and Bloody Hells were being said all around me. (You'll have to google those.)
You go up the down, and down the up. 

I was thoroughly lost in translation. Lost in a city, and lost in London. Despite the confusion, I set out through the city on the most vibrant fire-engine red double-decker bus I could find, and tried to blend in as a full blown Brit.  
The Tower Bridge, not London Bridge
The tour I took let me see the city in an easy way, helped me to clear up a lot of the confusion I had, and learn some new fun facts along the way.

Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside of the tower. It rings every hour on the hour. London Bridge is commonly mistaken for The Tower Bridge. And neither, is falling down. Buckingham Palace, the Queen's residence was first built next to a brothel. 25% of people living there today were born in another country. 
When we were driving underneath Big Ben a man turned to me and asked me for the time. He proceeded to say "I never seem to have a watch when I need one!" and I politely laughed along with him and got out my phone to look at the time. Then he pointed up. Are there such things as 'blonde moments' in London?
London in general, seemed to be the New York City of Europe. 
People walking the streets at every time of day, different languages being spoken all around you, lots of history and beautiful skyscrapers, and restaurants (and Starbucks) on every corner. 

I <3 NY, move over! I <3 London is the new tee.
Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park.
Despite a very major setback at the beginning of the trip, (Kristen, you're a champion) and a LOT of confusion, I left London very satisfied...and craving some chips. No wait, I mean crisps!

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