24 hours in Paris.

Paris is just as beautiful and romantic of a place as you imagine it to be.

I should have needed the company of a beautiful man, or prince, to make the city everything it should be. Instead I had a group of wonderful friends who I will "always have Paris" with that made our time there the perfect trip.
Because of money limitations, flight delays, and time limits....I was able to stay a mere day in Paris, backpacking through the night gazing at monuments and leaving sleep behind me to sit on the steps of the
Basilique du Sacré-Cœur (Bascillca of the Sacred Heart) and take the city all in.

I had one goal and one goal only when I thought about being a tourist in Paris. The 1063 foot tall Iron Lady that I had seen plastered in my bedroom as a little girl, on the cover of my travel journal, and in countless movies growing up. The most recognizable structure in the world. The Eiffel Tower.  Waiting in the midnight line to get to the top, we decided to write down a wish to throw off the tower.

The view from the top was breathtaking. Seeing Disney Paris in the distance made me feel like I was close to home in Orlando. The river running directly below was lit up with river boats and Parisians enjoying the night.

Throwing our wishes off simultaneously over the City of Light, the wind (or the universe) seemed to be against me in this gorgeous moment. The wind was so strong, my wish came back at me and smacked me square in the face.

After laughing for a long time about the crazy coincidence, I took my returned wish and re-threw it off the top. That time it flew over Paris.

During the night we visited the entire city. The Versailles Palace, the Arc de Triomphe, Norte Dame, The Louvre, and the Pantheon.

We did a non stop (well, not entirely true, we stopped for coffee....8 euro. Big upcharge from the 1 euro coffee in Spain.) self-guided tour, and without sleep, daylight rose the next morning and we had one more last thing to see.
The Eiffel tower, again. But this time in the sunshine. Just as beautiful as the night before.

My wish didn't come true.
But thanks to great friends, a great city, and Gustave Eiffel, the 24 hours in Paris was a great adventure.

Lauren miller
07/14/2011 12:28am

A trip that we will never forget! Simply perfect!


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