Let the countdown begin

In exactly one month from today I will be arriving in Spain. 

The moment I'm most excited for upon arriving is seeing the Plaza Mayor again. I imagine it'll be like seeing someone you haven't seen for a long time. It's a shame I can't hug 10 buildings at once.

It's not a particularly special landmark or site. Just the center of a city, a square of buildings that Spaniards walk through on the path of their own lives, to go have coffee, grocery shop, or meet a friend. Pretty soon that's going to be me. Walking through that plaza, living in that city.

It's not the biggest, oldest, or most beautiful in Spain. But something about it just feels like a true home away from home.

A picture of the plaza is not only etched in the back of my mind, but at the top of this very website, so you can share the image with me as much as you'd like.
Plaza Mayor at Christmas Time

08/08/2011 10:06am

And, for the record, Valladolid's Plaza Mayor is still my favorite. And I will love Sotabanco till the day I die. And eat at this place called Vino Tinto. I went for the first time on my last trip and fell in love!

08/08/2011 5:02pm

Vino Tinto...got it! :) Thanks for the suggestion!

Lauren Maxwell
08/18/2011 9:44pm

I am getting excited for you, and the more I read your blog the more I want to go back!!! Do you have a roommate? is that girl still going with you?
Ride the carousel in the Plaza Mayor for me! :)
Have an amazing trip, I will be keeping up with your blog, as long as you let me know you posted, by telling facebook! :)

08/18/2011 10:45pm

Hey Lauren! I think I may have roommates in the works, but nothing is official yet, so we'll see what happens!

My friend is no longer coming with me, so I'm making the adventure in a new way...solo!... but still a great way! It's Spain, right!? I'll try to always post updates on facebook, hoping not to annoy anyone too much with it. haha

Thanks for following along with me, I really appreciate it! :)

08/24/2011 4:36pm

I've never seen Valladolid's Plaza Mayor, but this makes me want to go! I feel very similarly about the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, though. Every time I visit it's the first place I want to be. And no matter how many times I see it, it still makes me feel emotional reminds me of the first time I came there. Look forward to following your blog!


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