Apartment (Piso) Hunting 101

I went from living here...
To living here.

What will come next?
Things you don't know about Spanish apartments:
-The washing machine is in the kitchen. Usually next to the oven (if your piso has one) Dishwashers are uncommon.
-There are no dryers. Clothes are hung out to dry. 
Nothing like 'airing out your dirty laundry'.
-The dining room table is also in the kitchen. A kitchen separated from the dining room table is called a "cocina americana" (an american kitchen). 
My kitchen in my 1st Spanish apartment.
-There is no A/C. That's right Floridians, you read it correctly. In Northern Spain where I'll be living, it doesn't pose as many problems, because the open windows and a cool fan for the summer months can suffice. But southern spaniards, how DO you do it!? 
-Each room is separated by a door. Kitchen, each bedroom, living room... all rooms have a separate door, usually without locks.
Little pieces of heaven.
-All windows have shutters. Heavy duty shutters that block all light, and let you siesta for hours and hours in total and complete darkness. 
-Bathrooms have a bidet. I'll let you read up on why and for what purpose. In my apartment, we'd always used it for washing our feet. Perfect size for an in-piso pedicure.
Whichever place I choose, I hope it will be the right one for me. Home is where your heart is, right?

Sarah Scordato
07/24/2011 11:28pm

Hey! LOVE reading your blog :) I almost feel like I am almost back there.


Lauren Maxwell
07/24/2011 11:28pm

Hey Jen, I hope you are having a wonderful time!!! I miss Spain so much and I thank you again for being our personal helper during our time there. I was reading your blog and remembering all the aspects of my house in Spain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blackout blinds, I am sure hanging your clothes out to dry is better in the summer. I will continue to read. I am thinking about taking a trip out there next Sept (2012) when will be back in the states?

Kristen Shoemaker
07/25/2011 6:49am

What a beauuuuuutiful picture of Leon. Tengo celos de tu estilo de vida futuro!!

07/25/2011 7:53am

Sarah- are you planning a trip back at all?

Lauren- I love the name Blackout Blinds! haha That is truly what they are!! I will be back in the states for a week in April 2012 for my brother's wedding, and then I'm not sure after that!

Kristen- Con tiempo guapa, vera la cuidad de Leon otra vez. Con paciencia. <3 And as I was thinking through my photos, I wish I had a picture of the Creperia!!


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