One of my favorite Spanish songs is Lady Madrid by Pereza. Both for the ease of the lyrical translation (I can rock out to it even in Spanish) and the memory of my friends singing it aloud in the car when I first arrived in Spain last year.
This fin de semana in Madrid made me feel like, well, Lady Madrid.

Madrid is Spain's capital and largest city in the country. And it's a city with a lot to offer. The Plaza Mayor, Puerta de Sol, Gran Vía, the Prado museum, the Sunday flea markets, and the nightlife are only a glimpse of the things that will entertain you in Madrid. 

My favorite part about the weekend was hanging out in Parque del Retiro, conviently close to the city center and our hotel. 
Spaniards exercise on paths, picnic between the trees, and take siestas on the grass while tourists enjoy the monuments and statues placed throughout the park.

Everyone basques in the beauty of the elegant landscapes this park has to offer.
I did a little steering....
Enjoying (and captaining) a boat ride around the lake in the park was the perfect way to enjoy the Spanish sunshine. 
....and a little relaxing.
I wanted to spend the whole day in the park, but the excitement of the capital took me away to other destinations.
Beautiful buildings everywhere.
La Plaza Mayor
Churches around every corner.
I heard at least 10 different languages being spoken around me during my walk around the city. I saw sushi restaurants! (But didn't have time to eat at one, que pena.) And I made some new friends from all over the world. 

I also got a piece of home this weekend hanging out with the Americans at my conference and taking in a little American comida

Ahem...and, no, of course I didn't eat at McDonalds and have a Starbucks coffee this weekend. 

A city with so much to offer, I knew that I only took in a glimpse of the city in my past trips to Madrid. This weekend was no exception. So, don't worry Madrid, you're lady will be back soon!
Lady Madrid?

10/02/2011 5:44pm

I remember the sushi restaurants of Madrid! My "tour guide" of the afternoon, Fer, assured me they weren't very good though, lol.

You are always Lady Madrid to me!

10/02/2011 6:26pm

Fer is the best. He took me to a place Thursday night with a bucket of 5 beers for only 3 euro...felt like I was at a UCF college bar instead of in the middle of La Latina in Madrid. :)

Gracias, mi one will ever be as much of Lady Barajas as you are, though.

And... I'm determined to find some good sushi in Valladolid. I can't go an entire year without it!

Aunt Bee
10/03/2011 6:46pm

just can't go without a little foot picture! It says it all! love you! love your blog!

10/04/2011 5:10pm

i like the Spanish play on words: basks spelled basques!


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