What makes a vacation?

Relaxation? Adventure?
Is it the weather that's most important? Or the people you are with? The new foods you try? Or maybe your accommodations?
I went to a casa rural over the holidays with Spanish friends. Other than falling in the freezing cold river during a hike (me only, not everyone), we had a wonderful time. 

If you like hiking, beautiful views, skiing in the winter time, and overall just, peace and quiet, this is the place for you. 
La Sierra de Francia is an area in central Spain consisting of many small pueblos. Each day we visited a different area and took in wonderful new sites and adventures.
La Alberca had wonderful cobblestone streets and a tiny tea shop with the best Chai tea I've ever had in my life.
Our rented house was in Mogarraz which was a town in the middle of a hiking trail "El Camino del Agua" and in a perfect secluded location for renting a vacation house.
Béjar is the most beautiful pueblo, situated on a mountainside, covered in snow.
Miranda del Castañar and San Martín del Castañar were two other must-see picturesque villages to visit.
Beautiful views
Typical foods in La Alberca
Mountainside Hiking
And a little bit of snow! (Well, ice.)
I am a Florida girl, all the way. I love the beach, and I have spent the most part of my childhood covered in sand. 

However, in the middle of Spain, in a rural house surrounded by good friends and beautiful atmosphere, this, for me, was a perfect vacation.
2/11/2012 10:16:50 am

Pretty! You never told me/us about your trip to Zamora.

2/11/2012 08:21:16 pm

You know I love Zamora- and I'm so close to it I can head there for a day trip! :) I need to post about all the ins and outs of CyL...but I just don't have the time! There are so many beautiful places!

10/24/2012 07:44:20 am

Such a nice blog, I created an account here too.


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