As I watched the fireworks blaze and heard the booms of American pride this past week on the fourth of July, I realized I may not be here next year for those events. 

Instead of sobbing about how much I’ll miss my family and friends, the red white and blue jello-whipped-creme desserts, and the sparklers (Well, not really the sparklers. One year I vomited after inhaling too much sparkler smoke), I realized that I have an entire year of exciting new fireworks going off ahead of me. 

I purchased my ticket for Spain this week, and my future is almost here. 


"Grandma Nancy"
07/12/2011 2:00pm

Oh, Jennifer! I don't know whether to envy you and be fearful for you being so far from home and family. You sound so excited which tells me that I should be so happy for you and wish you great success in all your ventures. Since you are determined to go, know that you will be in our prayers for your safety and joy in all you undertake to accomplish. We love you.


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