Florence, Italy was a beautiful city that made me feel less like a tourist and more like an Italiana.

On the particular day trip we made into the city, it also made me feel like a chocoholic. 
Liquor flavored chocolate drops
Chocolate tools and knick-knacks
Dark, white, or classic hot chocolate? Um...can I have all three?
Oh, fudge.
Fruit kabob dipped in chocolate. I think that covers all the basic food groups.
Spain, take a few notes, because while churros con chocolate are one of my favorite foods, the cioccolato festival in Florence's main square blew all of your tiny churreria's out of the water. 

I think I'd go back only for the chocolate!
Sofía Larios
7/9/2012 11:48:17 pm

I really want to eat all the chocolat is really good!!!


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