For those who aren't aware (or try to block it from memory after your trip to Spain); Sunday is a day of rest here. 

Stores. Are. Closed. 
The shopping that you wanted to do and didn't have time for during the week (I still don't have slippers for these hardwood floors!) isn't possible. Your roommate drank the last of the OJ last night? Too bad, you'll have to wait until Monday for that Vitamin C. Need to make a bank deposit from Friday's check? You'll be broke until mañana, hombre.

Sundays make me crazy lazy because I have nothing else TO do but stroll the city and people watch, lay in bed and watch movies, or prepare my work for the week ahead. Even though it is extremely annoying at times, you have to take the good with the bad, and afterall, people do need to rest. Crazy Lazy Sundays...I've got a lot of them ahead of me. May as well enjoy them!

But, guess what is open on Sundays?

Sarah Scordato
09/18/2011 10:14pm

LOL, "but guess what IS open on Sundays?"

Kristen Shoemaker
09/19/2011 6:15am


Aunt Laura
09/26/2011 9:14pm

So, you can get OJ there!

09/28/2011 5:14pm

Different....but, sí. :)


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