Calculation complete.
I am confident in saying that I am about 25 percent española.
My name, my appearance, and my place of birth scream Americana.  But that doesn't mean I can't be a little bit Spanish!
Reasons why I am part-Spaniard:

I take siestas.

I don't have to carefully examine the euro coins when paying for that café con leche anymore.

I walk in the shade, even if it's out of my way.

I am sometimes late to appointments or obligations and it doesn't matter.

I can name and locate the 17 autonomous regions of Spain and 9 provinces in Castilla y Léon on a map.

I blame things on the crisis.

I pay more money to sit on the terrace.

If I have a sore throat, I wrap a scarf around my neck and it heals it.

I have the Spain Spanish accent when I speak. Gracias: gra-thee-as

I can cook a mean tortilla de patatas
My dad helped me with this one last year.
Reasons why I will never be fully Spanish:

I can't say 'hasta luego' in 3 syllables.

I enjoy butter on my bread.

I have spent more than 3 hours in the past week lost on the city bus system.

I will always have an American work ethic and schedule. Lo siento, mis amigos.

There is always something I need on a Sunday.

Other than the most popular ones, I know none of the names of the Spanish soccer players, nor which team they belong to.

I know the words to the American songs that come on in the bar, and never hesitate to sing a long. 

I stick out my hand for a handshake on impulse when I say hello. And yell "Oh my God!" when I'm excited.

I still take photos with statues and buildings around the city.
Spanish by heritage, no. By habits that I can't break? Impossible. 

But by lifestyle? I am well on my way!

09/28/2011 9:18pm

"There is always something I need on Sunday." Amen. I agree 100%.

Javier Arribas
09/30/2011 1:20pm

Can't wait to see when you're 50% española haha

10/02/2011 11:39am

I love this! What are your takes on: "walking on cold floors without slippers makes you sick" or "going from air conditioning into the fresh air causes a cold for sure"?

10/02/2011 3:42pm

Lauren, do NOT get me started on the slippers.

I have been lectured on the 'we do not go barefoot in Spain...EVER' rule many a time. Slippers are pretty much the number 1 staple in a wardrobe, even if traveling to another place.

Here's a tip: get carpet, Spaniards!

haha :) But I did see some "Yo soy español" slippers with the Spanish flag on them in a store today I thought about purchasing.

10/03/2011 4:53am

!Cojones! You've captured the Spanish culture to a T. Love the "there is always something I need on a Sunday." When I was a kid we had to think ahead like they do, but that has all changed in the consumerism soaked USA. Great blog.

01/01/2012 11:47pm

I just saw this through a link from one of your recent posts. Great list! I couldn't help but chuckle at "I blame things on the crisis," which is something even my young students do!


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